Why a Mentoring Program?

The Faculty Mentoring Program is designed to connect faculty mentees with faculty mentors, to follow the mentee-mentor relationship to its conclusion, and to provide resources to both. 

The Faculty Mentoring Program should mutually benefit mentors and mentees:

  • Faculty mentees have the opportunity to receive advice, guidance, and perspective from their mentors.
  • Faculty mentors have the opportunity to share their story and learn from the mentee about their perspective.

Why Is Mentorship Important?

There is abundant evidence on the value of mentorship: 

1. Faculty who get mentored get more research grants

2. Faculty who get mentored publish more papers

3. Faculty who get mentored get faster academic promotion

4. Faculty who get mentored are more likely to stay at their academic institutions

5. Faculty who get mentored report greater belief in their own ability to accomplish specific academic goals

6. Faculty who get mentored report greater career satisfaction