How Does it Work?

Using the Wake Forest Faculty Mentoring Program online platform, mentors and mentees will each complete a profile and upload a CV, which should take less than 1 minute. 

Mentees will then select the mentor who best matches their current and future professional goals and request to work with that mentor. If the mentor accepts their request, the mentor and mentee can then get in touch via the matching platform or by e-mail. 

In their first meeting, the mentor and mentee are expected to work out a mentorship agreement, which outlines how long the relationship will last, how they will communicate with one another, and both parties’ objectives, and the mentees goals. 

The Faculty Mentoring Program has been designed to be flexible for busy faculty. Faculty mentees and mentors have complete control over the mentorship relationship and can decide how the relationship will work.

Here is the program’s step-by-step guide:

1) Complete a profile to become a mentor or a mentee (this takes 1 minute).
2) Mentees search for a mentor and request a mentor; mentor accepts or declines the request.
3) Meet with your mentor/mentee and decide together the parameters of the relationship, such as how often and how you will meet to set your goals for the relationship.
4) Review the program's resources page to facilitate relationship-building.
5) Meet as often as possible either in person, via phone, or video chat.
6) Share feedback with the Faculty Mentoring Program about your experiences and ways we can improve the program.