How It Works

  • Participants register and upload their CV, which takes less than a minute.
  • Faculty of any academic rank may participate as mentors, mentees, or both at the same time. 
  • Faculty mentees are able to search for and request a mentor who best matches their needs.
  • Faculty mentees may have up to five mentors at once.
  • Faculty mentors may either accept or decline a mentorship request.
  • Faculty mentors may accept up to ten mentees at a time.
  • Once the connection is accepted, the mentor-mentee pair agree on goals, communication preferences, and timeline.

The Faculty Mentoring Program is designed to be flexible. Faculty mentees and mentors have complete control over the mentorship relationship and can decide how the relationship will work.

Mentees are encouraged to select a mentor who best matches their current and future professional goals. In most cases, the mentee and mentor will use the first meeting to align expectations and complete a mentorship agreement. The agreement specifies how long the relationship will last, how they will communicate with one another, and the mentees goals. If at anytime either mentee or mentor decide that the relationship will not work, they should discontinue the relationship and notify the program coordinator.

Here is the program’s step-by-step guide:

1) Complete a profile to become a mentee or a mentor (this takes 1 minute).
2) Mentee searches for a mentor and then requests a mentor. Mentor accepts or declines the request.
3) Mentee and mentor meet to align expectations and complete the mentoring agreement.
4) Review the program's resources page to facilitate relationship-building.
5) Meet as often as needed, either in person, by phone, or by video chat.
6) Share feedback with the Faculty Mentoring Program about ways we can improve the program.