Advice for Mentors and Mentees

Align expectations. During the first meeting, mentees and mentors should align expectations for the mentorship relationship. The mentor should help the mentee set specific goals. Both mentors and mentees should complete the Mentoring Agreement, which lists the goals, frequency of meetings, and the projected completion date.

Take goal-setting seriously. Mentors and mentees should articulate clear and measurable goals. Setting thoughtful, clear, and measurable goals is critical to the success of any mentorship. Achieving the goals should be what drives the relationship forward and the discussion on the progress should be included in every meeting. 

Strive for mutual benefits. Ideally, a mentorship relationship should be mutually beneficial for both parties. The key to achieving this is taking the time to be thoughtful about your expectations for the relationship and to share that with each other.

Commit to confidentiality. Mentors and mentees must commit to maintaining confidentiality. This is critical for building trust between one another. 

Commit to honesty. Mentors and mentees should commit to honesty. Admitting your mistakes and limitations as part of the relationship will help you to learn from your mistakes.

Share progress. Mentors and mentees should complete a quarterly progress report.

Share feedback. As this is a new program, we hope you will share your experience and suggestions for improvement.