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Do you want to get involved with your alma mater but aren’t sure how? Whether you want to mentor a student, host them during interviews or offer tours of your current workplace/department, the Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Relations has multiple program offerings designed to help build bridges between alumni, students and faculty.

Browse through our offerings to discover the best way for you to get involved.

“From my experience, we have this incredible alumni network, but there’s a gap between students and alumni. This is an opportunity for face-to-face connections.”- Ikram Irfanullah MD ’19


HOST, or Help Our Students Travel, recruits MD alumni to host fourth-year medical students when they interview for residency positions. Through this program, not only will students benefit from considerable savings by not incurring lodging and other related expenses, but meaningful connections between alumni and students will also be made.

To learn more about our brand-new HOST Program, please visit the HOST Program page.


Each of our lives is shaped by the people who helped us along the way. Be a part of a student’s or alumni’s professional and personal journey towards success by being a mentor. A word of advice, networking introductions or words of encouragement, this experience is fulfilling for mentor and mentee alike.

If you’d like a make a difference in a fellow Deac’s life, visit the Mentor page to learn more.

Thank you for your service to medicine and for representing Wake Forest School of Medicine.